The Woman behind Magnitis

No comfort zone makes it possible to go beyond your limits. 

Driven by passionate curiosity, Magnitis’ Caroline Mindus is not afraid to dive into the unknown.

She was born into a multi-cultural environment, with a dual legacy from Europe and Asia. Caroline learned very early how to navigate different cultures and traditions, which took her on an atypical educational journey: from medicine and biomedical science to luxury management and tech innovation with public relations.

What links these fields? The art of expression. The key to sharing with others and inspiring action.

The Road to Magnitis

Upon joining the family tech company Mindus in Monaco, Caroline discovered the importance of storytelling in the world of business.

As an Original Thinker spearheading Impact and Sustainable Development, she handled communication including presentations, pitches and pitch competitions, eg. at Get in the Ring.

She also ensured international representation and building bridges of synergies internationally at events such as:
•  Official trade missions with Monaco
•  Global tech events, including WebSummit, VivaTech, MWC
•  Global impact events, including Katapult, Monaco Ocean Week, World Oceans Week, UN World Oceans DayClimate Week, UNGA, Ocean Innovation Africa

Caroline also enjoyed partaking in tech competitions known as hackathons, in person and virtually, and mentoring teams to help shape participants’ stories and presentation strategies: Gotham DLT in New York, Hack The Crisis, The Global Hack and EUvsVirus

And thus, Magnitis was born.