Magnitis Vision

Magnitis - Vision Magnet | Caroline Mindus

Be Yourself, in business too. 

You matter. Your story matters. 

You have it in you.
Nurture your Voice – refine it, polish it and express it. 

Get your Inner Magnetism out. Time for you to Shine! 

Magnitis Mission

Magnitis - Mission Bullseye | Caroline Mindus

Bespoke story coaching for public speaking.
Tailored to your character, your project, your vision. Sprinkled with kindness, empathy and patience. And lots of smiling. 

In preparing your project’s storytelling and presentation strategy.
Ahead of:

•  Pitches
Interviews live and/or filmed 

Magnitis is here to accompany you:

•  Stepping out of your comfort zone 
•  Embracing the fear of public speaking 
•  And daring to be yourself for the world to see